hum studios.

Hum occupy two separate studios in one location in Bayswater on Auckland's North Shore. We have a large collection of modern, vintage and custom built equipment that enables us to bring an authentic sound to almost any genre.

The Boatshed

Our main studio space for tracking, mixing and sync work, positioned right on the waterfront.

Pro Tools HDX
Projector with 80" screen
2 x DJR Neve preamps
1 x Avalon 737 preamp
1 x TLA ivory preamp
2 x Groovetubes Supre preamp
3 x Altec preamps
2 x Urei LA-4 compressors
1 x Altec limiter
2 x Compex compressor
2 x Rebis compressors
1 x Newmark record player
Genelec 1030a monitors with sub

The Dragon Room

Our second studio also doubles as our main creative space where most of our music is born.

3 x Ampex 351
1 x Universal Audio 6176 Preamp
3 x Altec preamps
1 x Space Echo
1 x Apogee Rosetta 800 Digital I/O
Tannoy Precision 8 monitors
Yamaha NS-10 monitors
Upright piano
Pump organ
Fender Rhodes
Upright double bass
Dozens of other vintage instruments and effects

about hum.

HUM is a creative audio studio owned by Andy Lynch and Nathan King. We manage audio projects from conception to completion, including composition, recording, mixing and sound design. We work closely with creative agencies and brands to ensure each project has a unique identity, because we believe that often it's the music that provides a campaign with its knock-out punch.

A full list of our services:

Music composition and supervision
Sound design
Post production mix down
Voice recording and casting
Song search and clearances

the buzz & hum

deadly ponies ride again 08.Apr.14 We're happy to see the cult hit Deadly Ponies Gang getting another outing on the big screen. Hear some of our phat beats through the mean-as theatre speakers. Choice!

Te Reo 20.Mar.14 Kia ora again to our friends at Maori Television who invited us to create the new sound for Te Reo channel.

maori television 19.Nov.13 It was an honour to be invited to work our magic with the re-brand of Maori Television. Kia ora to the talented people at Ink Project who put this all together!

hum is online! 10.Apr.13

Ta-da! Hum is officially up and running online. We've had a beer (or two) to celebrate and patted both Ange at The Picture Garden and Lou at Husk Creative on the back for their mad skillz on bringing our web idea to life. Have a look around the site, check out some of our previous work, and hit us up for a beer yourself if you feel so inclined.


get humming

Glad to make your acquaintance! Feel free to get in touch either by hitting us up direct, or filling out our nifty wee form. Either way, we'd love to hear from you.


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Physical address:
77a Beresford St, Bayswater, Auckland

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